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The commissions that Real Estate Agents charge consumers to sell property are dropping, the days of 6% and above are slowly disappearing.

Savvy Realtors who can foresee the future are already finding ways to cut their commission.
This results in savings to you the consumer.

The Realtors listed on this site are amongst the new breed of Real Estate Agents
who are aggressively pricing their services.

You will see the number of sales, years experience and all contact information.
The Commission rate quoted is the minimum rate you would pay if the Realtor submitted your property into the local MLS, including the fee for the listing side.

These Realtors will be able to save you thousands of dollars while not compromising the quality of their services.

They are ranked in order of commission rate.

Remember....Commission Rates are negotiable!

Save $$$Thousands$$$ Locate Realtors in your area who will cut their commission and still provide quality service!
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